Our Impact

Investing in the Future of Southern California Youth
Melody, a fifth grader from Orange County, California, lives in a community where the average person has 22 feet of open space.  Almost 100% of the families in her community are eligible for the Free & Reduced School Lunch program.  She shares her classroom teacher with 35 other students and textbooks are scarce.
Melody dreams of being a scientist.  Although she has the ability to be anything she wants to be, Melody doesn’t have access to the tools she needs to accomplish her dreams.
What if…
…Melody, her classmates, and her teacher had access to outdoor education programs that could change the equation? 
…Melody had experiences throughout her elementary school years that engaged her sense of curiosity, imagination, and creativity?
…Melody had so much fun while she learned that she became inspired to become a scientist or an engineer?
Changing the Equation
Each year at Inside the Outdoors
  • 350,000 hours of hands-on instruction is delivered to
  • 125,000 students and teachers, improving test scores up to
  • 27% in communities where poverty is high and over 
  • 60% of the students are from low-income homes.