Inside the Outdoors programs take lessons from the classroom and create fun, hands-on experiences about science and nature. These are powerful moments that leave children with a lifelong enthusiasm for the environment.

three girls exploring tidepools

two boys looking at a conure

lady helping a boy plant native plants

​Students move out of the classroom and into nature for real-life learning.Scientific concepts are explored through hands-on activities in the classroom. ​Helping families explore nature together

Inside the Outdoors is a unique, hands-on environmental education program administered by the Orange County Department of Education.

Our mission is to empower students, teachers, parents, and the community to explore natural areas and expand their knowledge, understanding, and stewardship of the environment. Inside the Outdoors curriculum is designed to support the current California state standards and allows students to interact with these concepts in a real world setting.

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Inside the Outdoors incorporates the Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS) and STEM learning in our programs!
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CA NGSS Statewide Rollout Environmental Literacy

Inside the Outdoors Summer Day Camp with Picture of a Red-tailed Hawk

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