Birthday Parties at Rancho Soñado

One of the special features of having a birthday party with Inside the Outdoors at Rancho Soñado is the unique outdoor experience. Because of this unique experience of being in the wilderness we must ask for parent participation for the safety of everyone involved. We also ask that we keep the environmental stewardship theme and strongly ask that you refrain from using balloons and styrofoam or plastic tableware.
Time:  2 hours (with an additional 30 minutes for prep/set-up time prior to start time)  1.5 hours of structure program which will include a 30 minute live animal presentation, 30 exploration hike, and a 30 eco-craft.  This will allow 30 minutes for picnic time under the oak trees.
Maximum of 25 kids (with at least 1 adult per 5 kids)
Price: $350.00 Payment must be received before party date.
Waivers must be signed by each guest, including adults.  If the parent or legal guardian is not attending the waiver must be signed and brought to the party, no exceptions.
Features:  The birthday guest(s) will receive a special tree cookie as a nametag and each guest will receive a tree cookie to decorate for their nametag.
For more information, please email or call 714-708-3885