1st Grade

Inside the Outdoors® offers two Field Trips and two Traveling Scientist programs for 1st grade students. For additional program details, visit the pages listed below.

Field Trip options


Ecosystem Extravaganza at Mt. SAC


Ecosystem Extravaganza at Shipley


Exploring the Great Park

Traveling Scientist options


Catch the Rays - New Grade for 2017-2018


Scales or Slime


Amazing Animals


To better support the Next Generation Science Standards, our programs underwent some changes for the 2017-2018 school year.  Some of the Traveling Scientist programs are more appropriate for a new grade level.  For our Field Trips, some of the stations have been changed or updated to best support these new standards.  The two links below outline these changes for our programs.


Inside the Outdoors - Restructure to Support NGSS

Traveling Scientist

Field Trips