Our goal is to empower, engage, and educate students, teachers, and the community on water issues, awareness, and conservation to create behavior change.


Service Learning Project and Showcase

Inside the Outdoors will work with on campus clubs or classroom to create a Service Learning project and campus wide showcase to help educate students on ways to help conserve water and keep the little water we have clean.  The goal is to educate students at the school on local water issues to sustain long-term water awareness, water conservation practices and behavior changes.


This program is sponsored by local the Municipal Water District of Orange County and local Orange County Water Districts.  Contact our office at insidetheoutdoors@ocde.us for more information.


Video Contest


Find out the winners of the 2018 contest by visiting our Water Resources page.

Teacher Trainings

Our trainings have been completed for the school year.  More details will be posted once the next training is available.


Resources for Teachers and Students

Visit our resources page for curriculum information, data, resources and games from various organizations.  If you have a resource that you would like to see added to this page, email the link to insidetheoutdoors@ocde.us.