​Traveling Scientist - First Grade

These programs provide a hands-on opportunity for students to develop an awareness and appreciation of the sciences through the exploration of the animal kingdom. In addition, the program fosters a commitment to the protection and understanding of the environment and community. The programs are aligned with the current state standards to ensure that teachers’ curricular needs are met. 

First Grade

Some of our Traveling Scientist programs have changed grade levels to better support the Next Generation Science Standards. 

Download a complete list of changes here.

Catch the Rays - New Grade for 2017-2018
This program better supports the Next Generation Science Standards for 1st Grade.​
Light energy is the focus as students experiment with the effect objects have on light, including animals and themselves.
Catch the Rays supports 1-ESS1-1, 1-PS4-2, and 1-PS4-3 of the Next Generation Science Standards.


Scales or Slime
Students compare and contrast reptiles and amphibians to discover the characteristics of each class of animals. Experiencing snakes, lizards, frogs, and salamanders through their sense of touch and sight, students develop a more positive attitude towards these animals.


Scales or Slime loosely supports 1-LS3-1 of the Next Generation Science Standards.


All Grades
Amazing Animals
Live animals are presented to you and your students by our trained Traveling Scientist. Learn about the unique characteristics and behaviors of mammals, reptiles, birds, and other species of the animal kingdom.
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Each program is 60 minutes in length.
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