Traveling Scientist - ​High School

Water Resources for Teachers and Students

Scientists of the Sewers

Your students will learn about the different roles scientists play in wastewater treatment through hands-on lab stations.  This Traveling Scientist program is a great introduction to the free Field Trip your students can also receive to the Orange County Sanitation District.


Topics Covered:

  • Why have a sewer system?
  • What is in domestic wastewater?
  • How can waste be separated from water?
  • What should not go down the drain?
  • Path of water
  • Gutters and storm drains vs. toilets and drains in buildings
  • Review of why we have sewer systems and what is domestic wastewater
  • How can waste be separated from water?
  • How can you tell if the water is safe?

This program is sponsored by the Orange County Sanitation District.  The grant for this program is limited to schools serviced by the Orange County Sanitation District.  Download a grant application!


This program pairs nicely with the Field Trip offered by the Orange County Sanitation District.  Contact Cheryl Scott ( for more information on this free Field Trip.


Where's My Water

Inside the Outdoors has a new high school water education program!  This Traveling Scientist visit to your classroom will introduce your students to the current topic about where we get our water and the debate of the CA Water Fix. 

where's my water? water drop with a question mark in the middle

The What About Water? program is available to Middle and High Schools throughout Orange County.  The goal of this project is to educate students on local and regional water issues to sustain long-term water awareness, water conservation/water use efficiency practices, behavior changes and water career pathways. This program is sponsored by the Municipal Water District of Orange County and funded by local Orange County water agencies.


There are many ways to get involved with this program, you can join one or all of them!


High School Student Action Program

Inside the Outdoors will work with selected high schools to a develop a water conservation project and present a campus wide fair/expo to educate students about current water issues.  The goal is to sustain long-term water awareness, water conservation practices and behavior changes at your school and in your community.

  • Students will design and implement a call to action public awareness water conservation campaign designed to engage their classmates
  • Inside the Outdoors will educate and mentor students on local water issues
  • Inside the Outdoors, and the students, will work together to design a campus wide water fair/expo that will include interactive water education exhibits and gather water conservation pledges from their peers

Most schools for this project will be determined by the local water districts.  If you school is interested, call our office for potential opportunities at 714-708-3885.

Teacher Training

Our trainings have been completed for the school year.  More details will be posted once the next training is available.