Repurposed Crafts

Junk Mail Beads

  1. Cut paper into long narrow triangle shaped strips (1/2 inch at wide end by the length of page). Try different widths and lengths for various shapes of beads.
  2. Roll paper triangle around a skinny straw or bamboo skewer (straws from juice pouches work great). When you get to the last few inches brush on a thin layer of glue to stick the bead together.
  3. Optional: Seal and water resist your beads by coating them with a thin layer of acrylic sealer or clear nail polish.
  4. When beads are dry, string on twine or fishing line and add other small beads to embellish.
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Bottle Cap Magnets or Pins

  1. Use an old fridge magnet or a pin from an old button, cut and glue it to the top of a clean bottle cap.
  2. Cut out a picture or design from a magazine to fit inside the bottle cap, a quarter makes the perfect size stencil.
  3. With school glue stick the round image in the underside the bottle cap.
  4. Squeeze or pour in a thin layer of clear gloss medium (available at craft stores in the paint and varnish section) to cover the image and fill the base of your bottle cap “frame”. Allow to dry flat for approximately 24 hours or until gloss is hardened.
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