Classroom Activities

Social Science

Helena Modjeska House Background and Activities

Native American Kish

People of Upper Newport Bay

What Legend Would You Tell?



Adaptations and Ecosystems - 5th Grade Modeling Activity

- Estuary Illustrations

- Coastal Sage Scrub Illustrations  - coming soon!



What About Water Resources - High School Focus


Candy or Cake

Liquids and Gases

Service Learning

Saving Natural Resources and Audits
Other Activities
Education and the Environment Initiative Curriculum
The Education and the Environment Initiative (EEI) is a free, state-sponsored K-12 curriculum that teaches science and history/social science standards through an environmental lens. EEI aligns with many of the concepts covered in Inside the Outdoors programs.
For details on which Inside the Outdoors programs fit best with specific EEI curriculum, download on of our guides!