‚ÄčEducation and the Environment Initiative (EEI)

The Education and the Environment Initiative (EEI) is a free, state-sponsored K-12 curriculum that teaches science and history/social science standards through an environmental lens.  EEI supports with many of the concepts covered in Inside the Outdoors programs and the current state standards. 
Visit the EEI website for these resources, www.californiaeei.org.

Which Lessons Align with Inside the Outdoors Programs?

Below are links to charts of EEI lessons that support the various Field Trips and Traveling Scientist programs with Inside the Outdoors.  We recommend using these lessons as pre- or post-activities to help support your students learning.
Download a List of Suggested Lessons For:
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Additional EEI Resources

Education and the Environment Initiative Home Page

Education and the Environment Initiative - Access to the Curriculum (You will need to register to receive your password.  The state does no share your information.  All the curriculum and resources are free.)


EEI Correlation with Common Core

EEI Correlation with NGSS

CREEC (California Regional Environmental Education Community)