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In Class Lessons

California Water Story - An introduction activity on the history of water politics in California


Student Handout

YouTube Video Link

State Water Map (From EEI Curriculum)

California Water Ways Map (From Department of Water Resources Curriculum)

Photos - Coming Soon!

Protecting the Quality of Rockflower Reservoir - A case study of a fictitious reservoir and deals with the interest of a few versus the interest of many.


Student Booklet

Who Can Use the Water - A case study about water rights in California


Student Booklet

Education and the Environment Initiative (EEI) Lessons

The Education and the Environment Initiative (EEI) is a free, state-sponsored K-12 curriculum that teaches science and history/social science standards through an environmental lens.

Quick Guide to Using EEI

Water Lessons in EEI

EEI Home Page

EEI Curriculum

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Water Awareness Poster Contest - Sponsored by Municipal Water District of Orange County

All Orange County students in grades Kindergarten through 12 are invited to participate. The goal of the Contest is to get students thinking about our most precious natural resource – water – and how access to clean, fresh drinking water improves our daily lives.  Deadline to submit entries is April 5, 2019.

Download a flyer for more information.

Anaheim Public Utilities - 2019 Water Conservation Poster Contest

Anaheim Public Utilities invites all 1st through 12th grade students, attending a public or private school
located in Anaheim, to express their creativity and inspire the community to save water. This years contest will run from April 5, 2019.  Download a flyer for more information.


General Resources

Save Our Water cartoon of hand turning off dripping faucet​


Pacific Institute - A global water think tank that carries out research and outreach for various water issues.
Water Conservation at Home - Article that includes links to many additional sites
Water Education Foundation (based in Sacramento)
Sign up for the Municipal Water District of Southern California newsletter here.  You will receive emails with information on their education programs and those of their partners.



Native Plants

These organizations sell native plants in Orange County.  Their hours vary, we recommend contacting them before visiting their locations.
Tree of Life Nursery - located in San Juan Capistrano
Shipley Nature Center - located in Huntington Beach
Back to Natives - located in Santa Ana
Fullerton Arboretum - located at Cal State Fullerton
Las Pilitas Nursery - located in Central California but will ship

Water Footprint

Water Footprint Network - Data and Resources for assessing water footprint
Water Footprint Calculator - Estimate your water use

California Water Fix - Reliable. Clean. Water.

California Water Fix - Quick Facts PDF


Online School Audit - coming soon!


YouTube Channels

Other Videos

For Teachers

Metropolitan Water District Water Education Program
Education and the Environment EEI - Free Downloadable Curriculum for K-12
Waves, Wetlands and Watersheds - Curriculum for Grades 3rd-8th
Our Wetlands, Our World -  Curriculum for High School
Project WET - Curriculum for Grades K-12
Environmental Concern - WOW (Wonders of Wetlands) Curriculum and other resources
SWAP (School Wide Audit Program) - Many different audits for your students to use at home and in school
USGS Water Science School - Teacher Resources geared more for Elementary teachers

For Students

Interactive website from Metropolitan Water District:
Solar Cup - High School program for Building Solar Boats

Government Agencies


Find Your Local Water District

Most Orange County water districts are part of the Municipal Water District of Orange County.  You can use their interactive map to find your water district or refer to their list of member agencies.
If you are in Anaheim, Fullerton, or Santa Ana, your water districts are listed below.